Many daily challenges, one complete solution.

Your day can change at a moment’s notice, and every day is different from the one before it. That’s why we created Mosby’s Suite - four powerful online resources combined into one complete solution for the support you need, when you need it. From training and education, to skills reference and support at the point of care, Mosby’s Suite provides 24/7 access to convenient tools and authoritative information from the most trusted name in nursing.

Why Mosby’s Suite?

More tools build more confidence for you, your staff, and your entire organization.

  • Support your nursing and other health professional staff with resources for managing competency, streamlining workflow and supporting clinical decisions at the point of care
  • Ensure patient safety by standardizing practice guidelines and protocols for the entire organization
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory bodies and support achieving Magnet Recognition and Joint Commission Accreditation
  • Reduce recruitment and retention costs by investing in professional development and workplace satisfaction

Take some time and explore the different ways Mosby’s Suite does more than connect you with reference resources and workflow tools -- it connects you with confidence.

The Mosby's Family of Products