What It Takes to Be ‘Magnetic’: Fourteen Forces of Magnet Hospitals

Like a magnet that irresistibly draws iron to itself, some hospitals easily attract and retain nurses.

What makes these hospitals so ‘magnetic’?

That’s what the American Academy of Nursing (AAN) wanted to find out during the U.S. nursing shortage in 1983. What they discovered was simple:

According to the analysis, hospitals that retained highly qualified nurses were able to consistently provide high-quality care.

AAN’s analysis found that “magnet” hospitals—those with a high rate of nursing recruitment and retention—excelled in fourteen areas. The analysis outcome led to the development of the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program®.

Today the ANCC, a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association (ANA), awards the Magnet designation to hospitals whose nursing organization demonstrates elements of these fourteen characteristics—or “forces of magnetism”:

  1. Quality of nursing leadership
  2. Organizational structure
  3. Management style
  4. Personnel policies and programs
  5. Professional models of care
  6. Quality of care
  7. Quality improvement
  8. Consultation and resources
  9. Autonomy
  10. Community and the health care organization
  11. Nurses as teachers
  12. Image of nursing
  13. Interdisciplinary relationships
  14. Professional development

Although the number of applications has risen nearly 70-fold since 1993, fewer than 5% of all U.S. hospitals and healthcare networks have achieved ANCC Magnet Recognition status. In the future, this blog will provide relevant, practical information to assist your organization in your quest to achieve and maintain Magnet designation.

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