Mosby’s eLearning Executive Director Lends a ‘Helping Hand’

Project Helping Hands has been helping provide health intervention services for those lacking access to healthcare, develop sustainable, locally run health promotion/prevention programs and facilitate safe and affordable personal growth opportunities for our volunteers in the third world countries since 1994. They are committed to influencing the people of these countries in a life-changing, even life-saving way. Beyond treating illness, disease, trauma and care, the teams help build medical services in remote areas with the goal of seeing them become self-sufficient, and able to replicate these efforts in other places of need.

Recently, this amazing humanitarian organization approached Cindy Tryniszewski RN, MSN, the Executive Director for Mosby’s eLearning, to serve on their Board of Directors. 

“[Cindy has] such a strong background in the business world”, says Jeff Solheim, founder and Executive Director of Project Helping Hands. “[She] can obviously make good decisions and look at things from an objective and business standpoint and give us a more rounded view.”

In addition to her current responsibilities with Mosby’s Nursing Suite, Cindy will join the Project Helping Hands team to further the continued growth and expansion of the organization. 

“As a nurse and as a person, I am honored to be asked to be a part of Project Helping Hands,” says Cindy.

Cindy will be joining a team of physicians and nurses on an a trip to La Paz and Cochabamba Bolivia this July that will provide educational seminars and training.

We are honored to have one of our own working with such a great organization. Please join us in congratulating Cindy on this achievement! 

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