Six Sigma Comes To Healthcare

Through an exclusive partnership with The Quality Group (TQG), a leader in blended online learning solutions for process improvement, Elsevier is now offering TQG’s Lean Six Sigma training program for healthcare professionals. Lean Six Sigma is well known in the business sector as a means of achieving near perfection in quality outcomes and making processes more consistent. Now this unique partnership will be delivering benefits to healthcare.

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to improve patient care quality, so the availability of this e-learning tool comes at a critical time. In the healthcare setting, Lean Six Sigma training can translate to better emergency room flow, fewer pharmacy errors, and improved patient care among other benefits. From a day-to-day standpoint, nurses will see processes running more smoothly with less conflict and less doubling of effort. There is a greater feeling of consistency and predictability that, ultimately, can lead to improved job satisfaction.

To customize training specifically for healthcare professionals, TQG assembled a diverse team that includes Six Sigma experts along with experts from the healthcare profession. TQG’s Health Care Series features tracks for individuals pursuing yellow, green, or black belt certification and end-to-end technologies to help health care organizations improve the workforce training processes necessary to drive their Lean Six Sigma deployments.

This newly developed Lean Six Sigma training for healthcare professionals is a blended e-learning solution that features online training designed to prepare participants for the classroom portion of Lean Six Sigma training. By preparing them online, the program saves several weeks of classroom time. It is a cost-effective solution that offers relevant content and consistent training throughout the organization.

The Quality Group is known for its best-of-class blended e-learning solutions, which have been used by leading global corporations and academic institutions for almost two decades. By partnering with Elsevier, TQG’s years of experience in process improvement will now be available to hospitals and healthcare institutions that are striving to improve patient care and processes.

To find out more about Lean Six Sigma training for healthcare professionals, visit or call (866) 416-6697.

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