Emergency Nurses: Prepared for the Unexpected

Every year, the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) sets a week in October aside to celebrate Emergency Nurses. This year, Emergency Nurses Day® is Wednesday, October 12. The theme this year – “Emergency Nurses…Prepared for the Unexpected” – reflects the dedication of emergency nurses in the United States and around the world.

Are you Prepared for the Unexpected? 

To help prepare nurses for major emergencies, Mosby’s Nursing Suite has developed ReadyRN: Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness, an interactive online course. The course’s goal is to ensure that nurses are prepared to respond during any type of national health crisis, including a terrorist attack.

Among the 26 lessons offered, more than a dozen are devoted to preparing nurses for a terrorist attack or disaster-related event, including:

  • Essentials of Disaster Planning
  • The Federal Disaster Response Network
  • Psychosocial Impacts of Disaster
  • Overview of Disaster Management
  • Biological and Chemical Terrorism
  • Surveillance Systems for Bioterrorism
  • Biological Agents of Concern
  • Early Recognition of Biological Events
  • Chemical Agents of Concern
  • Radiological Incidents and Emergencies.

The ReadyRN online course also prepares nurses for other major public health emergencies or catastrophic events, including tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, infectious disease outbreaks, and radiological events. 

For more information about how ReadyRN can help you be prepared in any public health emergency, visit http://www.readyrn.com/.

About Emergency Nurses Week

Since 1989, the Emergency Nurses Association has celebrated the second Wednesday in October as Emergency Nurses Day, a day set aside to honor emergency nurses for their commitment to patient care. Starting in 2001, ENA expanded the celebration to devote an entire week to honoring emergency nurses, because one day is simply not enough to recognize all contributions made by emergency nurses.

For more information on emergency nursing or Emergency Nurses Week, please visit the Emergency Nurses Association Web site at www.ena.org.

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