We’re Looking for Emergency Nurses to Test Learning Platform

Elsevier wants to collaborate with emergency nurses to conduct usability testing of our ENA: Emergency Nursing Orientation 2.0 (ENO 2.0) eLearning course on Elsevier Performance Manager (our learning management system). The purpose of this testing is to gain insight into what works well and what doesn’t work well with the user interface design of our online courses, using ENO 2.0 as a case study.

We are looking for emergency nurses with varying levels of experience in nursing and in using our learning management system.

About the participants:

  • Any level of experience in nursing practice
  • Can be located anywhere in the continental United States or Canada
  • Should be conversant in English
  • Our user-centered design team will contact the individuals you suggest, screen the candidates, and schedule the testing according to participants’ convenience

About the testing:

  • One-on-one with each nurse
  • Will take approximately one hour
  • Will be conducted remotely via a WebEx – the participant will only need a computer with an internet connection and a phone
  • Participants’ identities will not be tied to the reporting in any way (all test data is treated confidentially)
  • Information gained will be used to inform decision making on product design

Our user-centered design team will screen all suggested participants to make sure we are able to test with nurses having a wide array of experience – so we cannot guarantee that nurses you suggest will be chosen to participate in this testing. Testing space is limited to only 10 nurses for this study, but we will keep your information on file for possible future studies.

All nurses who participate in the testing will receive a $50 Amazon gift card to thank them for their time and effort.

Please click here to register and provide your contact information. We will send you our on-line screening survey to ensure you meet the study’s needs and are willing and able to participate.

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