The Mystery is Revealed: Meet the Newest Nursing Superhero, the Connector!

As you’re searching for super nurses to nominate for the 2013 Mosby’s Superheroes of Nursing Contest, be on the lookout for the newest hero on the team, The Connector.

In today’s always-on world, the Connector plays an ever-important role. The Connector is is a technology mastermind, helping everyone make the most of tools and techniques that make knowledge more accessible and care safer.

That’s right, the Connector is always connected, helping nurses get the content they need, when they need it – whether it’s on a mobile app or within an EHR or EMR.

This outstanding nurse is laying the groundwork for key initiatives like Meaningful Use, driving EHR/EMR adoption in every department. The Connector is also leading the way to integrating trusted content from Mosby’s Skills and other sources through innovative products like Elsevier InfoButton.

When it comes right down to it, the Connector is the glue that brings everyone together, bridging the gaps between patients, care teams, technology, policies and education.

The other superheroes – The Achiever, the Educator, the Validator and the Protector -– all know they can count on the Connector to help them get the job done.

And if you’re looking for the source of the Connector’s powers, look no further than Elsevier and Mosby’s Suite. We give the Connector and nurses everywhere the power to be truly super. From EMR/EHR implementation and integration tools from CPM, to patient education through ExitCare, we’re proud to help nurses be their very best.

Who is the Connector in your organization? Nominate this outstanding nurse starting May 1 on our Facebook page.

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