Which Nursing Superhero Keeps You Safe All Day Long? The Protector!

There’s a certain comfort that comes from knowing you’re safe and sound – and that’s exactly the peace of mind The Protector brings to the world. This nursing superhero stands strong even in extreme situations, keeping everyone informed and safe no matter what happens.

And how does the Protector keep patients safe from dangerous situations? How does the Protector shield other nurses from harm, while leading them toward safety? With the power of information.

The Protector is a master at making sure everyone has the information they need to make fast, smart decisions with confidence. That’s right – confidence. Because uncertainty can be the most dangerous thing of all.

Out on the floor, The Protector makes the most of advanced tools like Mosby’s Nursing Consult and Mosby’s Index, making sure nurses can always find the information and answers they can trust to help them deliver the best patient care.

The Protector fights against never-events and other hazards with the power of consistency – consistency in the way skills and procedures are performed, and consistency in the way patients are kept in the loop about their care.

It’s a power that comes from Mosby’s Skills, which makes the latest evidence-based skills and procedures searchable and accessible, even from mobile devices.

And it’s a power that comes from engaging patient education materials from ExitCare, which help patients and their families feel more connected to their own care, sparking informed conversations and smart questions.

Of course, the Protector’s strongest ability is a focus on the future. The Protector is always helping nurses learn more with continuing education tools like Mosby’s eLearning. This nursing superhero is also always looking for new ways to inject lifesaving information into the tools nurses use every day, like evidence-based clinical guidelines from CPM CarePoints™ that live directly inside EHRs and EMRs.

Do you know a safety-minded nurse who’s taking a leadership role protecting both other nurses and patients? Nominate the Protector in your organization today on our Facebook page.

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