Who Can Juggle Multiple Tasks Without Breaking a Sweat? The Achiever can!

You know there’s someone in your organization who you can always turn to, no matter what. This is a juggler who’s constantly has multiple tasks in progress and completes every one with ease and finesse. At Mosby’s Suite, we call this nurse The Achiever.

The Achiever, one of the Mosby’s Superheroes of Nursing, is the kind of nurse who expects the unexpected and is ready for any challenge that lies around the corner. Nothing seems to be out of reach for this multi-talented juggler.

And like all of our superheroes, The Achiever helps everyone keep a sharp focus on the one thing that really matters: patient care.

This nursing superhero gets it done by keeping current on the latest technology and the skills and procedures. For the Achiever it’s not as much always having the right answer (although it can seem that way). It’s about knowing where to go to find the answer.

Most of the time, those answers are in Mosby’s Nursing Consult, for point-of-care reference, and Mosby’s Index, for longer-term research.

Both a teacher and a lifelong learner, this super hero helps nurses discover the link between continuing education and achievement, and that real improvement is possible even amidst shrinking budgets – with powerful online tools like Mosby’s eLearning.

Like all nurses, The Achiever is also technologically adept, helping nurses and the entire care team learn to access the latest evidence and clinical practice guidelines, right into existing EMR and EHRs.

Who is the nurse in your organization who you an always count on to see you through a crisis? Nominate the Achiever in your organization on our Facebook Page.

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