Total Competency Management Comes to Mosby’s Skills – with Mosby’s Skills+

In modern healthcare, there are three keys to staff education: consistency, assessment and, of course, documentation. A new online learning tool – Mosby’s Skills+ by Elsevier – aims to make these three goals easier to achieve than ever.

Mosby’s Skills+ by Elsevier combines the authoritative, evidence-based content in Mosby’s Skills with the power and flexibility of Elsevier Performance Manager. It’s the first online learning tool to fully manage competency among nursing and health professional staff.

Mosby’s Skills+ includes:

  • More than 1,300 evidence-based skills for nurses and health professionals
  • Content developed, edited and monitored by leading health organizations
  • Quick sheets, checklists, video demonstrations and illustrations
  • Customizable content and freedom to upload new skills
  • Ability to assign learning tasks and assessments
  • Automatic assignments for streamlined onboarding and training
  • Comprehensive testing, reporting and analytics


Mosby’s Skills+ covers more than 1,300 core skills, and is always updated to ensure nurses and health professionals have access to the most current evidence possible. All built-in content is developed, edited and monitored by leading nursing and health organizations. Hospitals can also add their own content to the system, making Mosby’s Skills+ the one, clear source for skills and procedures education.


The system also gives managers, supervisors and trainers the power to assign individuals and groups specific skills and assessments. Mosby’s Skills+ can be used both for initial training, refreshers and continuing education. The built-in tests and assessments provide a real-world picture of the level of knowledge and skill within an organization and give instant paths to improving outcomes.


As a key component of compliance and overall improvement programs, Mosby’s Skills+ provides robust reporting and documentation on overall and individual staff competencies.

Mosby’s Skills+ has been designed from the ground up to be easy to set up, maintain and use. Elsevier’s implementation and customer service teams work with each client to ensure they always have access to the information they need, when they need it. This includes regularly schedule training, content development services and automatic upgrades.

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