Working Smarter, Meeting Regulations and Aligning Goals! It’s the Validator!

This nurse is a leader in every sense of the word.

Need someone to take on new compliance measures? The Validator. Need someone to help every department set and meet goals? The Validator. Need someone to start new quality initiatives? Yup, that’s right The Validator.

The Validator – one of the Mosby’s Superheroes of Nursing – is the nurse among us who’s always pushing for the greater good, even in the face of what seems to be impossible odds. Crazy compliance deadlines, mountains of data, pounds of paperwork – nothing can keep this superhero down.

The Validator uses a combination of powerful tools and know-how to lead organizations through compliance and quality. It’s not about checking off boxes – it’s about genuine improvement and maintaining the focus on excellent patient care.

The Validator is tuned in to the real meaning of things like Meaningful Use, putting technology to work in the real world for clinicians and patients. The Validator implements patient education initiatives through Elsevier’s ExitCare and other tools, so patients feel as empowered as their caregivers.

To bring documented consistency to education, the Validator turns to Mosby’s eLearning and Mosby’s Skills, which uses evidence-based skills as the foundation of hospital-wide improvement.

And to put monographs and practice guidelines in the hands of every nurse, the Validator turns to Mosby’s Nursing Consult, bringing quick answers nurses can trust right to the point of care.

Who is the Validator in your organization, leading the way to better care and improved compliance? Nominate the Validator today.

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