Which Nursing Superhero Leads the Way to Smart Decisions? The Educator!

Answers – this super nurse always seems to have them. Fast answers to pressing patient concerns. Accurate answers to compliance and accreditation questions. The right answers that push everyone forward in your organization toward even better patient care.

The Educator, one of the Mosby’s Superheroes of Nursing, is always there.

Knowing the answer is one thing – but the Educator goes deeper. The Educator gives all nurses the power to find answers on their own. It’s about more than learning. It’s about being safe, consistent – and confident.

Armed with tools like Mosby’s eLearning and Elsevier Performance Manager, the Educator brings new consistency to continuing education efforts, helping nurses prepare for certifications while staying current with evidence-based practice. The Educator helps nurses improve performance – while enhancing patient care along the way.

No two cases are alike – but the Educator is committed to establishing standards and giving nurses the tools they need to learn and follow them. It’s about creating a culture geared toward collaboration, and taking full advantage of evidence-based online tools like Mosby’s Skills and Mosby’s Nursing Consult.

In short, the Educator gives nurses the power to solve clinical problems on their own.

Who’s leading the way to better knowledge in your organization? Nominate The Educator today.

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