Celebrate Nursing Professional Development Week 2015

As a nurse, you are responsible for providing the highest quality of care possible to your patients. An important part of that responsibility is engaging in lifelong learning to continually push yourself to be the best care provider that you can be. To achieve these ends, you have likely worked closely with a Nursing Professional Development Specialist during your career. The men and women in these roles work behind the scenes to ensure that you're able to give high quality service to those in your care.

"Nursing Professional Development Week is Sept. 20-26."

Though they are commonly out of the spotlight, Nursing Professional Development Week from Sept. 20-26 is a great opportunity for you and your health care facility to recognize your colleagues in the NPD department. These men and women work tirelessly to provide nurses with the education and training that you need to provide exemplary patient care and improve patient outcomes.

An unsung hero
Whether you are a newly registered RN or a seasoned nurse, it is likely that Nursing Professional Development Specialists have aided you on your road to success. Without these colleagues, career development would look very different in the nursing world. The important tasks that they are charged with include staff competency assessments, orientations, continuing education contact hours, education on new equipment and procedures and coordination of student affiliations, among others. 

A lot of work goes into providing these services for their colleagues. According to American Nurse Today, these specialists typically have skills and knowledge of nursing career development, continuing education, adult learning principles, leadership and program development and management. Their commitment to this work behind the scenes is critical for the success of your health facility. 

Appreciate the hard work of your NPDS this week. Appreciate the hard work of your NPDS this week.

Ideas for recognition
It doesn't take much expense or time to thank your NPDS colleagues, but a little appreciation is sure to go a long way. Here are some easy ideas to recognize your NPDS this week as suggested by the Association for Nursing Professional Development:

  • Submit an article to your department's newsletter or email blast about NPD Week.
  • Hold a special breakfast to recognize the contributions of your NPD team.
  • Bring in cupcakes or other treats with the NPD Week logo to share with the staff.
  • Write a note or email to express your personal appreciation to your colleagues.

Take advantage of this week to show your NPD team that their hard work does not go unseen.   

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