Home health care on the rise

A century ago, it was commonplace for a person who is ill to be treated in the home. But with the advent of hospitals and other health care facilities, that former norm has become the exception to the rule in most scenarios as patient care and treatment in professional centers becomes increasingly common. However, home health care is far from being a thing of the past. With virtual telehealth solutions on the rise, it is becoming more feasible for providers to treat and care for patients at home.

"The home telehealth market is expected to hit $349.8 billion by 2020."

According to a forecast by JSP Market Research, the home telehealth market is expected to increase to $349.8 billion by 2020, Today's Medical Developments reported. The number is a significant rise from 2015's market of $227.5 billion.

A rising trend
A major contributor to the increased demand for home health care is the rising age of the American population. As both life expectancy and the occurrence of chronic disease increase in the U.S., there are more people living with chronic conditions or just advanced age that need regular care, but want to be able to maintain their usual routine in their own home. Government initiatives and advancements in technology have also contributed, according to Today's Medical Developments. 

Providing care in a patient's house may also be an answer to rising costs in the medical industry, U.S. News and World Report suggested. Receiving treatment at home rather than at a trained nursing facility after surgery, for example, can have a large effect on the cost of care, saving the patient a significant amount of money, Dr. Steven Landers, the president and CEO of VNA Health Group, told U.S. News. 

Home care is sometimes the more cost-efficient solution for patients. Home care is sometimes the more cost-efficient solution for patients.

Solutions for professionals  
With increases in home health demand and technology, nurses need additional solutions to help keep up with the shift. Provide the best possible care to your patients with Elsevier Home Health Care. This system provides nurses with access to evidence-based information related to care, drug information and patient education, all tailored for care in the home. Accessible on any mobile device, the features of Elsevier Home Health Care management additionally help nurses and other clinicians to assess competency, assign skills and evaluate performance to improve their organizations.  

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