5 mobile health apps being embraced in nursing

Mobile technology is providing new opportunities for education, patient care and work efficiency in the field of health care. From helping patients track symptoms and vitals outside of the hospital setting to allowing doctors to consult with specialists remotely, advances in telehealth and other mobile strategies are creating the potential to improve patient outcomes and improve value-based care. 

The use of mobile applications in particular are on the rise in health care, and nurses are not lacking when it comes to options that will help them to provide better care while on the job. These five apps in particular are useful resources for those who work in the field of nursing. 

1. PatientTouch
Nurse Without Borders reported that the PatientTouch app is one of the best online tools available to improve nursing careers. The app gives nurses the ability to optimize their valuable time spent with patients by managing workflow and collaboration while on the job. It can be integrated into existing electronic health record systems to allow for patient identification and record editing from the convenience of a mobile device right at the patient's bedside. 

"The Now I Know app helps female patients prevent cervical cancer."

2. Now I Know
The free downloadable Now I Know app was created by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing to help female patients prevent cervical cancer, NURSE.com reported. It helps keep young women on track to finish the three-part HPV vaccine and follow through with other preventive measures. Nurses can recommend the app to female patients to help ensure that they finish the vaccine series and stay on track with other actions. 

3. MediBabble Translator 
A significant challenge for nurses is helping to care for patients who speak a different language. The MediBabble Translator app wants to help meet that need. MediBabble is a free resource for health care professionals to help with completing the physical exams and medical histories of non-English speakers.  The app will even play an audio recording of what the provider is trying to say to the patient.   

4. Epocrates 
The Epocrates app gives nurses access to a free drug reference guide to support decision-making during patient care. Health professionals can additionally use the technology to review prescriptions and safety information for thousands of drugs. The provided information includes FDA-approved dosing information, monitoring parameters, approximate retail price and more. 

Mobile techs can help support a nurse's decisions. Mobile techs can help support a nurse's decisions.

5. Medscape 
Concorde Career College describes the Medscape app as a general health resource tool that helps medical professionals by providing editorial, reference, continuing medical education and news content straight to a mobile device. Nurses can even set the app to the nursing specialty setting to receive information specifically tailored to their professional needs. 

As with any technology, be sure to talk with your supervisor before inputting any facility or patient information into an application or personal mobile device. 

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