5 unique nursing careers to consider exploring

One of the many benefits of working toward a nursing career is that you have a wide range of roles to choose from once you've attained your Masters of Science in Nursing. Depending on your career goals, some positions may better fit your needs than others, but it's important that you don't rule any of them out until you have done your research and learned what each one can offer you.

While a more traditional bedside nursing job is exactly what some nurses are looking for, if you find that you're more interested in a career that strays from the standard nursing job description, explore these unique positions available to nurses.

"The nursing informatics career is relatively new."

1. Nursing informatics
A nursing informatics career is for those who love nursing, but are also passionate about working with technology. The field is relatively new and is quickly picking up popularity among graduate nursing students. The role involves the management, analysis and communication of scientific information through the latest technologies. The career is still centered on patient care, as the main goal is to bring advanced technologies and scientific knowledge into the health care industry to help nurses more effectively care for patients. If you like the sound of the nursing informatics career, but aren't sure which type of care setting you want to work in yet, this role can be found in both large medical facilities and private consulting firms. 

2. Nurse epidemiologist
If you find yourself drawn to studying diseases, you should consider looking into a career as a nurse epidemiologist. These nurses often travel around the world to identify and research disease trends in various countries. They also commonly work with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as hospitals to track emerging disease trends. Another unique aspect of this type of nursing profession is that nurse epidemiologists often do a lot of teaching, educating nurses, physicians, hospital staff and the general public about best practices for disease control and prevention. 

3. Flight nurse
Do you consider yourself someone who works well under pressure? The role of a flight nurse may be a good fit. Just as the title suggests, these nurses are provided extra training to work with patients onboard an aircraft. They often have to perform emergency in-flight medical procedures on passengers with limited supplies. Flight nurse jobs are available through hospitals, medical facilities and the military.

Flight nurses have an exciting career that takes a lot of preparation and emergency care skills.Flight nurses have an exciting career that takes a lot of preparation and emergency care skills.

4. Cruise ship nurse
Similar to the role of a flight nurse, cruise ship nurses provide medical assistance to passengers aboard ships. According to online career resource Cruise Ship Medical Jobs, this career can be very similar to a role in an emergency care setting. These nurses have to prepared to care for patients with a wide range of illnesses, from sea sickness to stroke or broken bones. While there are perks, such as being out at sea in popular vacation settings, cruise ship nurses often work on contract for months at a time, so if you want a more steady job, this may not be for you.

5. Oil rig nurse
The role of an oil rig nurse is perhaps one of the most financially rewarding and competitive nursing careers available. It requires a certain lifestyle, because oil rigs are often located in far-off destinations around the world, and demands a specific skill set. For example, oil rig nurses often need extensive emergency medicine training and to know how to speak multiple languages. The work they do is cutting edge, so it's important that this type of nurse is ready to tackle high-stress situations and come prepared for anything.

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