ENA: Pediatric Emergency Nursing Certification Reviewˆ


Course Specialty: Pediatric and Neonatal Nursing

ENA: Pediatric Emergency Nursing Certification Reviewˆ

Authored by ENA, this interactive course helps emergency nurses provide safe, effective care to pediatric patients with conditions requiring emergency care. This course follows the blueprint for the CPEN exam and helps nurses prepare for the challenging test.

Mosby’s ECG Interpretation 2.0*

Mosby’s ECG Interpretation 2.0 educates nurses and monitor technicians in ECG basics, ECG interpretation and 12-lead ECG interpretation. This course includes an interactive interface using electronic ECG calipers, ECG ruler and more rhythm-tracing images to help learners apply their knowledge.

Mosby’s Neonatal Nursing*

This interactive online program, developed for both new and experienced nurses working in the neonatal setting, can be a powerful addition to orientation and continuing education. Each of the 34 lessons features original, captivating photography and video footage, and a posttest to assess learning.

Mosby’s Pediatric Nursing Orientation*

Endorsed by the Society of Pediatric Nurses, Mosby’s Pediatric Nursing Orientation prepares newly-licensed and experienced nurses transitioning to the specialty how to care for the highly specialized pediatric patient population. The course is designed to meet nurses’ needs during orientation and for continuing professional development.

Mosby’s Preceptor*

Developed in collaboration with the Association for Nursing Professional Development, this blended-learning course prepares a preceptor to effectively orient new clinicians and precept students during their clinical practice experience. The online curriculum enhances the unit-based orientation process in an organization and contributes significantly to improved recruitment and retention, while fostering competency development and safe, quality patient care. This solution also has a Knowledge Inventory Tool, which identifies knowledge gaps and appropriate lessons to address them. When used with Elsevier Performance Manager, lessons can be automatically assigned to learners.

*Knowledge Inventory Tool (KIT) available for this course

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