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Introducing Core Measures – now part of our Quality & Safety Collection.

You’re on the front lines when it comes to ensuring your patients’ safety – and Mosby’s Nursing Consult is right there with you. Our Quality and Safety collection has always provided guidance on Medication Safety and CMS Never events. Now, we’re making it even more valuable with a new section focused on Core Measures.

Applying expert advice.

Mosby’s Core Measures was written by nursing experts, taking the Core Measures initiatives of The Joint Commission (TJC) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and applying them to real-world nursing practice.

Core Measures will help you assess patient care in specific focus areas, covering recommended treatments, patient education, patient assessments and discharge instructions.

Along with ensuring patient safety, these measures are critical in CMS reimbursement and TJC accreditation.

See our Quality & Safety Core Measures in action here.

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Mosby’s Core Measures for nurses will help you:

Standardize treatment for key conditions/diseases

Reduce risk for complications

Prevent readmission

Bring evidence-based nursing to the bedside

Ensure patient safety

Improve patient care

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