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Webinar: How Skill Animations are Created

Vivian Owens, RN, Mosby’s Animation Editor discusses how new and revised animations are created – from the time the animation is first reviewed by a clinical expert until it is published live on Mosby’s Skills. She describes how the clinical expert and editor work with the animation vendor to ensure all animations are up-to-date and accurately show how to perform the skill.

Learning Objectives:

•Describe the process for creating new and revising existing animations

•Understand the role of the editorial staff

•Understand the role of the clinical expert and animation vendor

Presenter: Vivian Owens, RN, the Animation Editor for Mosby’s Skills, has been with Mosby’s Skills since 2008. Vivian manages over 900 animations and 100 videos. She collaborates with a team of 50 clinical experts, animation editors, and two animation production companies to develop new animations and revise existing animations for Skills.

*Please note Continuing Education credit is offered only during LIVE presentations

Webinar - How Skill Animations are Created

Webinar: How Skill Animations are Created

July 15, 2014

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