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Titles in this collection include:

  • ASTNA, Holleran: ASTNA Patient Transport: Principles and Practice, 4th edition

    Whether you’re caring for patients on the ground or in the air, this trusted, one-of-a-kind resource is an essential tool for your success in transport nursing. Comprehensive overviews familiarize you with the most common diseases and injuries encountered in practice, accompanied by important management considerations to help you ensure the most effective communication and the safest patient care in all transport settings.

  • ENA: Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum, 6th edition

    Authored by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), this highly respected resource will help you build and verify your knowledge, develop practice standards, improve quality of care, and educate nursing staff as well as patients and families. The Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum, 6th Edition is also the ideal resource to help you prepare for the Certification for Emergency Nurses (CEN) exam.

  • ENA: Sheehy’s Manual of Emergency Care, 7th edition

    Sheehy’s trusted emergency care resource offers complete, up-to-date coverage of the essentials emergency nurses need to know. Each condition commonly seen in the emergency setting is thoroughly addressed, from signs and symptoms to diagnosis, treatment, developmental considerations, patient education, and more. Updated material and easy-to-reference contents make this resource a must-have for current practice.

  • Lynch & Duval: Forensic Nursing Science, 2nd edition

    Written and edited by the most respected authorities in forensic nursing and forensic sciences, this new edition provides the tools and concepts you need to collect evidence that is admissible in court, determine the significance of that evidence, and provide accurate, reliable testimony while administering high-quality patient care. Now in full color throughout, it remains the most comprehensive, highly illustrated text of its kind.

  • McQuillan: Trauma Nursing: From Resuscitation Through Rehabilitation, 4th edition

    Using the unique cycles of trauma framework, the 4th edition of this classic and highly acclaimed resource is thoroughly updated to bring you comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge research findings and current issues, trends, and controversies in trauma nursing. Detailed information guides you through all phases of care – from preventive care and the time of injury to the resuscitative, operative, critical, intermediate, and rehabilitative stages. Timely discussions on emerging topics such as mass casualty and rural trauma/telemedicine keep you up to date with the latest developments in the field. This practical, evidence-based reference is the most complete resource available for both novice and experienced trauma nurses working in a variety of care settings.

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