Mosby’s Heritage


Continuing the legacy of empowering clinicians to provide exceptional patient care

Many nurses remember Mosby textbooks from nursing school and have continued to rely on Mosby throughout their careers. Now Elsevier, the company that has brought you Mosby since the year 2000, and a leading provider of clinical information for over 20 million healthcare professionals worldwide, is proud to continue the Mosby legacy. We are committed to providing you with the same trusted evidence-based content and resources that support well-informed, high-quality patient care.

From the beginning, a dedication to nursing.

The first Mosby book specific to the field of nursing was published in 1917, and the imprint grew to become the favored provider of nursing education and practice information. Mosby has played a significant role in nursing education—in fact, nearly every nurse educated in the US in the past 30 years has had Mosby in at least part of his or her education. That’s why it’s important to Elsevier that we uphold the tradition and continue to impact the important work of nurses and other clinicians.

The same evidence-based content you’ve come to trust.

The name has changed, but the products are the same. Expect the same high quality, evidence-based skills and reference content you’ve always relied on, now from Elsevier.

  • Elsevier Clinical Skills (formerly Mosby’s Skills+) – Standardize how skills are performed, and manage competency.
  • Elsevier Clinical eLearning (formerly Mosby’s eLearning) – Support education and professional development of nurses and other clinicians.
  • Elsevier Home Health Care (formerly Mosby’s Home Health Care) – Provide home health nurses and other clinicians with authoritative clinical content combined with powerful competency management.
  • ClinicalKey for Nursing – Support nurses and other clinicians with quick, concise, trusted answers and access to current evidence.

Carrying the legacy into tomorrow.

At Elsevier, we are committed to continuing the rich heritage that Mosby created. It’s what we’ve done under the Mosby name for well over a decade, and what we will continue doing under the Elsevier name. You can rely on Elsevier to provide the latest nursing content and comprehensive resources to encourage clinical decision making and evidence-based practice, strengthen competency and support patient engagement. As our partner, we help ensure your ability to deliver safe, high-quality patient care, each and every day.