Elsevier Nursing Suite

Three Powerful Solutions from One Trusted Partner

We understand the workflow and unique time-management pressures of your clinicians, as well as the importance of providing consistent care based on evidence. The Elsevier Nursing Suite addresses the very specific clinical information and continuing education needs of nurses, therapists and other clinicians, while making it easier for your organization to standardize, measure and document knowledge.

With the Elsevier Nursing Suite you can:

• Improve decision making

• Strengthen competency

• Help ensure the consistent delivery of safe, high-quality care

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Clinical Skills

(formerly Mosby’s Skills)

Combining over 1,300 evidence-based skills and procedures with competency management functionality, Clinical Skills helps ensure that knowledge and skills are current and reflective of best practices and the latest clinical guidelines.

ClinicalKey® for Nursing

A clinical search engine that provides deep access to current evidence and clear answers—fast—from the most trusted sources, ClinicalKey for Nursing helps nurses make better-informed decisions when every second counts.

Clinical eLearning

(formerly Mosby’s eLearning)

Clinical eLearning delivers accessible, evidence-based educational content that supports practice improvement, orientation of new clinicians and continuing education for experienced clinicians.

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Three Powerful Solutions from One Trusted Partner

Support clinical decision-making with evidence-based information at the point of care

Provide orientation and continuing education, and assess and strengthen competency across your organization

Reduce recruitment and retention costs by investing in the professional development and satisfaction of existing clinicians