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Elsevier Home Health Care provides access to the information home health care nurses and other clinicians need most, including evidence-based content developed specifically for home health care, drug information and patient education appropriate for home health care. Combined with powerful competency management features, it gives you the ability to evaluate performance, assess competency and assign skills to improve knowledge throughout your organization.

Accessible on any mobile device, Home Health Care provides the latest, authoritative clinical information – anytime, anywhere.

When you have questions, Home Health Care is there with answers.


Benefits of Elsevier Home Health Care

For Nurses and Other Clinicians

For Nurses and Other Clinicians

Home Health Care provides the information and support you need, when you need it most – in the patient’s home. Its authoritative nursing and clinical content allows you to make accurate decisions, so you can feel confident that you are always delivering the very best care.

Content is accessible on-the-go or in the patient’s home from a laptop, phone or tablet

Home Health Care helps nurses and other clinicians:

  • Quickly access drug information, patient education and more
  • View animations, videos and illustrations of procedures
  • Refresh knowledge of skills and procedures
  • Educate and inform patients
  • Complete assigned tasks and training online
For Educators and Administrators

For Educators and Administrators

From orientation to continuing education, Home Health Care gives you the tools you need to measure and assess learning needs and evaluate competency across your home health care organization.

Competency Management
Powerful features enable you to manage and understand learner proficiency

Home Health Care helps educators and administrators:

  • Train and orient nurses and other clinicians to specific skills and tasks
  • Assess knowledge and provide feedback
  • Customize and upload content
  • Assign and follow discussions
  • Review reports and identify learning gaps
For Home Health Care Organizations

For Home Health Care Organizations

Home Health Care uses the industry’s most trusted health care information to deliver evidence-based skills and authoritative content to your home health care nurses and other clinicians. This helps you employ best practices and standardize care across your entire organization.

Care Consistency
Improve patient care across your organization using the latest clinical content and best practices

Home Health Care helps home health care organizations:

  • Standardize skills and education
  • Ensure patient safety by utilizing the highest standards of care
  • Document knowledge for compliance and accreditation
  • Streamline training and orientation
  • Reduce recruitment and retention costs by investing in the development and satisfaction of existing nurses and other clinicians

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